Cinnamon Cucumber Pickles

  By Randy  

February 9, 2016


2 gal cucumbers (cut into sticks, remove seeds)

1 C lime

1 gal water

1 C vinegar

1 tsp alum

Small bottle red food coloring

2 C vinegar

8 sticks cinnamon

1 pkg red hots

10 C sugar

2 C water


1st day - let cubes stand 24 hours in 1 c lime and 1 gal water

2nd day – drain and wash cubes, soak 3 hours in cold water. Drain. Simmer 2 hours in 1 c vinegar, alum, food coloring, and water to cover. Drain and put hot syrup of 2 c vinegar, cinnamon sticks, red hots, sugar, and 2 c water. Pour over cubes and let stand overnight

3rd day – Drain, reheat syrup, pour back over pickles, let stand overnight.

4th day – heat to boiling and seal in jars.

Makes about 12 pints.

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